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What is BBL Surgery?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery is an effective solution for those looking to enhance their buttock’s shape and size beyond what exercise can achieve, offering more permanent and significant results. This cosmetic procedure, highly popular at Skin Works, skillfully transfers fat to the buttocks to create a fuller, rounder appearance with minimal effort on the patient’s part. Starting with a BBL consultation, we can guide you through how this transformative procedure can upgrade your buttocks to your desired aesthetic.




Dr. Jacobson, renowned for his exceptional skill in Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery, employs a comprehensive approach that combines the latest in technology with refined artistic vision to achieve optimal results. “In every BBL procedure, I perform, I leverage every tool in my arsenal, including advanced technologies like BodyTite and VASER, to ensure precision, safety, and the most natural-looking outcomes,” Dr. Jacobson explains. His commitment to excellence is evident in his work, characterized by meticulous fat transfer techniques that sculpt fuller, rounder buttocks tailored to each patient’s unique body shape and goals.



Dr. Jacobson further clarifies why the same high-quality BBL surgeries he conducts for Beverly Hills’ elite can be accessed at Skin Works for much more affordable prices: “I believe that everyone deserves access to the best cosmetic enhancements without the Beverly Hills price tag. At Skin Works, we can offer the same expertise, personalized care, and state-of-the-art technology but in a setting that allows us to pass on cost savings to our patients.” This approach democratizes beauty, ensuring more individuals can benefit from Dr. Jacobson’s exceptional skills and achieve their desired aesthetic without compromising quality or results.



BBL Surgery Options & Prices

BBL + Lipo 360 starts From


BBL Standard, or Standard Brazilian Butt Lift, sculpts your silhouette by transferring fat from other areas of your body to your buttocks, enhancing volume and shape for a more rounded, lifted appearance. Embrace natural enhancement and confidence with a procedure tailored to your body's contours and your aesthetic desires. Begin your transformation journey with a detailed consultation to outline your path to a curvier, more balanced physique.

BBL Complex starts from


BBL Complex takes the Brazilian Butt Lift to an advanced level, addressing more intricate aesthetic or corrective needs. This comprehensive approach may involve extensive fat transfer, sculpting, and reshaping for those seeking significant enhancements or revisions. Ideal for individuals with complex cases or who desire a dramatic transformation, this procedure meticulously tailors to achieve a harmonious, voluptuous silhouette. Elevate your body confidence with a procedure that goes beyond the standard, ensuring your goals are met with precision and artistry. Embark on a detailed consultation to explore how a complex BBL can fulfill your vision for a more sculpted, enhanced physique.

BBL Revision starts from


BBL Revision fine-tunes the results of a previous Brazilian Butt Lift, addressing any concerns or achieving further aesthetic goals. Perfect your curves and symmetry with precision and care, ensuring your vision becomes reality. Elevate your confidence and silhouette with a personalized revision plan. Discover the path to your ideal results with an expert consultation.

Tummy Tuck + BBL Starts from


Includes Lipo 360! Full Tummy Tuck & BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) masterfully combines abdominal sculpting with buttock enhancement for a dramatic body transformation. Achieve a flatter, more toned abdomen while enhancing your curves with natural fat transfer for a voluptuous, balanced silhouette. Step into a new confidence with a procedure that redefines your body contours. Explore the possibilities during a comprehensive consultation.




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In a standard BBL, your surgeon harvests fat with precision liposuction from another area of your body with excess fat. Usually, your surgeon gathers fat from love handles, thighs, waist, or the back area. Then, our surgical team purifies the harvested fat and injects your body's natural fat cells into your buttocks to create your desired butt shape. The great thing about Standard BBL is that you lose the fat where you hate them and gain them where you want it!

WHAT IS complex BBL?

When patients have a BMI of 30 or more or excess fat on their lipo areas, the BBL surgery will take longer as it needs more precision work. Generally, a higher BMI means a higher risk of complications; thus, most surgeons will not perform BBL on someone with a BMI of 38 or more.

WHAT IS revision BBL?

If you're suffering from a previous unsatisfactory Brazilian butt lift procedure? Our BBL Revision Surgery is tailored for those unhappy with an earlier procedure in a different facility. In such cases, our surgical team plans to address various concerns such as size, shape, asymmetry, dents, or any other irregularities caused by previous procedures. If you want to fix a problem, look nowhere else because we have the right experts who are great at getting your desired results.


Perfection is just a perception, and today's beauty standards can be unrealistic. However, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to change your appearance simply because you want it. It's your choice whether or not you'd like to have surgery to feel confident about wearing that bikini. Fortunately, you have plenty of options, and a Brazilian butt lift is one of them. The appearance of your butt is mainly because of your DNA, and your genetics determine your skeletal structure and how your body stores fat. With a BBL procedure, you can beat genetics and achieve the curvy shape you've always dreamed of.

who is not a good candidate for BBL surgery?

Individuals not considered good candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery typically include those with insufficient fat deposits for transfer, significant health issues that could impair healing or increase surgery risks, such as uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease, and those with unrealistic expectations about the surgery's outcomes. Additionally, individuals who are extremely thin or have a history of severe weight fluctuations may not achieve the desired results, as the success of a BBL depends on the availability and viability of fat to be harvested and transferred. Smokers are also advised to quit well in advance of the surgery, as smoking can hinder the healing process and affect the overall success of the fat grafting.


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery includes the process of fat transfer to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. The procedure starts with liposuction, where fat is harvested from areas of the body with excess fat, such as the abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs. This fat is then purified and prepared for transfer. The next step involves strategically injecting the fat into the buttocks to create a fuller, more rounded look, focusing on achieving the desired contour and volume. BBL surgery not only enhances the buttocks but also improves the overall body profile by reducing fat in areas where it's unwanted. The procedure requires skill and artistry to ensure a natural-looking result, emphasizing the importance of choosing an experienced surgeon.


It's essential to understand that prices for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery using fat transfer can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the surgeon's expertise, the clinic's location, and the complexity of the procedure. The price range for a procedure in the greater Los Angeles area varies between $9,000 and 22,000. The best way to get an exact quote for a fat transfer BBL in your area is to consult with certified clinics and compare their prices and expertise. Always prioritize the clinic's experience, qualifications, and reputation over the cost to ensure you achieve the best results and minimize potential risks.


At our Torrance facility, we pride ourselves on providing high-end BBL surgeries, utilizing a top surgical team and state-of-the-art facilities, and offering comprehensive support throughout your journey. Our pricing for BBL surgeries in Torrance encompasses BBL Standard Surgery at $8600, BBL Complex Surgery at $10,800, BBL Revision Surgery at $10,800, and BBL combined with a Tummy Tuck at $12,400.

do you offer payment plans?

Are you interested in achieving the size and shape of the butt that you've always dreamed of? If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact us. Let's discuss and figure out your options in a complimentary consultation. We have waived all surgery consultation fees so you can start your journey to a dreamy butt with zero risk. Text us at (844) 759 6757 and see how we can help with our 12-48-month payment plans.


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