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What is Nose Surgery?

The size and shape of your nose impact your facial harmony. Whether your nose is large or out of proportion to other features, nose surgery presents an ideal solution to these cosmetic concerns. The procedure helps change and improve the overall appearance of your nose.

At Skin Works Medical, we offer rhinoplasty (also known as “nose job”) in our South Bay, Los Angeles practice. Every client can rest assured that this procedure is expertly performed by a board-certified surgeon in a safe and modern environment.

More than getting realistic results, our nose surgery can help enhance your self-esteem and confidence. Contact us today to find out the best option for you.

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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty involves changing the shape, size, or proportions of the nose to improve an individual’s look. Aside from aesthetic purposes, this surgical procedure can also be done to repair birth defects or deformities from injuries and help with breathing problems.

From cartilage or bone revision to cartilage transfer, there are various techniques used by surgeons in nose surgery. It is performed to treat the following:


  • 1- Nose misalignment

  • 2- Overly large or overly small nose

  • 3- Bulbous, drooping, or hooked nose tips

  • 4- Nose bridges with visible humps and depressions

  • 5- Nasal injury (such as a broken nose)

  • 6- Closed or limiting breathing passages.


Are You a Good Candidate for Nose Surgery?

Getting a rhinoplasty is a highly personal decision. In general, the following people may be a good candidate for a nose job:

  • 1- Those who are physically healthy

  • 2- Those who have realistic expectations and a positive outlook

  • 3- Those with complete facial growth

  • 4- Those who do not smoke


During your initial consultation, our team at Skin Works Medical will discuss everything you need to know about rhinoplasty from preparation to recovery. You will also be asked about your surgery goals and motivation, so you can manage your expectations.

By understanding what the entire procedure entails and the results you might achieve, you can make an educated decision whether a nose job is right for you.


Preparing for Nose Surgery

Similar to any form of surgery, nose surgery requires patients to prepare themselves physically and mentally for the procedure. These steps should help you get ready for your upcoming rhinoplasty:


Step #1: Have Your Medical History Evaluated


Your assigned surgeon will ask you a series of questions regarding your medical condition. This interview will touch upon:


  1. 1- Any history of nasal obstruction including other surgeries performed in the past.

  2. 2- Bleeding problems. If you have a bleeding problem, you most likely won’t be allowed to undergo rhinoplasty as this could complicate the procedure.

  3. 3- Adjusting or avoiding certain medications altogether. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin including herbal supplements obtained over-the-counter should be avoided.

  4. 4- Smoking habits. The reason for this is that, as with the majority of surgeries, smoking can cause the healing process after the operation to go at a slower pace. This can lead to an increased risk of infection as well.


If you have any other medical history of note that may complicate the procedure, your doctor will go over them as well.


Step #2: Undergo a Physical Examination

You should expect to go through a physical exam along with a lab test before you undergo nose surgery. Apart from your nose, the doctor will meticulously analyze your entire facial structure and draw up a plan that will best suit your profile.

A physical examination before rhinoplasty is crucial as it helps surgeons determine certain factors such as the strength of your nose cartilage and skin thickness. These two can have a severe effect on the surgery’s results if not assessed beforehand.


Step #3: Complete Photography of Your Nose

The staff assigned to you will acquire photos of your nose. Different angles will be taken as this will help your doctor showcase the before and after results of the operation.


What Can You Expect After the Nose Procedure?

After the nose surgery, a nasal splint or bandages are usually used to support and protect your new nose. There will be some swelling or bruising around the eye area, which can improve after a couple of weeks to months.

You can go back to most of your activities one week after the surgery. By the second to fourth week, you can carry on with your usual routine. The results of your rhinoplasty will become more apparent once your nose has healed completely.


Recovery Tips for Nose Surgery

There are certain tips you can follow that will help you recover quickly after your nose surgery. These are:


  • 1- Take a bath instead of a shower. Otherwise, water will hit your nose, which could be painful or affect the surgery results.

  • 2- Avoid swimming pools. The chlorine in swimming pools may irritate your nose as it heals.

  • 3- Having good posture and making sure your head stays elevated.

  • 4- Avoid making extreme facial expressions, particularly smiling or laughing.

  • 5- Refrain from blowing your nose or sneezing. While sneezing may be involuntary, it is usually triggered by environmental factors such as allergies or spices. You should avoid these triggers. If you end up having to sneeze, moving your tongue along the roof of your mouth or pressing it against your front teeth can help.

  • 6- Avoid strenuous exercise.

  • 7- Don’t put your clothes over your head. Wear button-up or zip-up tops instead. You can also opt to wear clothes that you can step into, such as body suits, rompers, or dresses.

  • 8- Don’t wear glasses or sunglasses. If you need glasses to see, you can opt to use contacts instead. You can consult with one of our experts at Skin Works Medical Spa prior to your surgery if you need more advice on dealing with this recovery step.


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As a premier medical facility in Los Angeles, Skin Works Medical offers an extensive range of treatments for the individual’s face and body. Nose surgery is one of the areas our licensed plastic surgeons specialize in.

If you are interested in getting a nose job, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today and schedule your appointment.

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