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Tattoo Removal Services

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What is Tattoo Removal Services?

Premium Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments in Torrance, California

With our German-made Spectrum laser technology, we utilize photo-acoustic energy to break down the pigment in one trillionth of a second. We use energy rather than heat and that’s what exactly we need to remove your unwanted tattoo. If you have done your research, you already know that energy waves destruct ink particles better than any other technology.  As a matter of fact, tattoo removal is much more efficient with this technology because the destruction of the ink in such a quick time span creates much better results and less pain.


How many tattoo removal sessions do I need?

Depending on the color and size, you will need 3- 6 treatments. At Skin Works, we can remove black, blue, purple, red, orange, and other colors!


Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation in Rolling Hills Plaza, Torrance

Not sure what to do next? It’s easy. If you are serious about removing a permanent tattoo, we have the knowledge, technology, skill-set, and needed experience. Book a complimentary consultation with us, where we will examine your skin and give you all possible options in full detail.  It’s easy to book your Laser Tattoo Removal consultation! You can simply send a text from your mobile phone to (844) 759 6757, or you can scroll down and make an online request.


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How does Tattoo Removal Services work?

PicoLazer energy is “non-thermal” and is delivered using a photomechanical effect with high-peak powers. The ultra-short pulse durations shatter pigment without causing thermal damage. Advanced technology creates incredible results!


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