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Otoplasty Surgery


What is Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty, otherwise known as ear surgery, helps people correct the appearance of protruding or prominent ears. For children and adults with large or protruding ears, otoplasty provides a way of everyday life without dealing with unwanted attention, embarrassment, or ridicule. The auricle is made up of different folds of cartilage that are covered in skin. So naturally, auricle development starts in the womb and continues in the first few years of life. However, some individuals do not enjoy the current shape of their ears, and that’s when Otoplasty comes into the picture. Otoplasty is a standard method for addressing developmental issues with your auricle. It’s safe, effective, and quite affordable.


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Ear Development & Otoplasty

Did you know that the ears are one of the first parts of the body to reach their full mature size? That is why some children have drastically more oversized ears than other parts of their faces at a young age. Many people’s ears reach their full size by age 5 or 6. If you have slightly more prominent protruding ears by this point, it is no wonder they would look disproportionate or misshapen.


If not treated, this can lead to a negative self-image and bleed into adulthood. Otoplasty allows you to correct this issue and have regular, proportionate ears to the rest of your face. Contact our offices to set up a consultation and learn more about this procedure!


Different Types of Otoplasty


1- Ear Augmentation

Sometimes, ears are too small and have not completely developed. Otoplasty can increase the size of the outer ear and make it more proportionate to the rest of your head.


2- Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is the most common type of otoplasty procedure. It involves drawing protruding ears close to the head. It is usually performed on people whose ears stick out prominently from their heads.


3- Ear Reduction

You can also use Otoplasty to reduce the size of abnormally large ears, otherwise known as macrotia.

Who is a Good Candidate for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is mainly used by those with ears that are too small, too large, protrude from the head, or have an abnormal structural issue from injury, trauma, or birth. People can also have multiple otoplasty procedures if they are unhappy with the first one. Our expert medical staff at Skin Works does the job right the first time. Then, we can correct any faulty work done in a previous otoplasty procedure and get you the desired results.


Regarding ideal patients, Otoplasty is best performed in people at least ages 5 or older. As previously mentioned, this is when the auricle has reached at least 90% of its adult size. You should also be in overall good health, as underlying medical conditions can risk complications or affect healing. For example, while this procedure can be performed on smokers, smoking can decrease blood flow to your ears. This will slow down the healing process.


Benefits of Cosmetic Ear Surgery


There are multiple benefits to an otoplasty procedure. These include correction of overly large or small ears, correction of over-protruding ears, correction of previous otoplasty work that didn’t produce the desired results, correction of physical or structural abnormalities in the ear from injury or trauma (i.e., cauliflower ears), and ear lobe repair from piercings and gauges.


Most importantly, Otoplasty gives patients confidence and a more positive self-image, knowing their ear issues have been corrected. For many, this procedure can be life-changing and lead to many benefits, such as having more confidence in their appearance.


Are There Any Side Effects with Otoplasty?


The most common side effects during recovery include tenderness, itchiness, redness, swelling, bruising, numbness, or tingling. The post-operation dressing should remain in place for about a week. After that, you must wear a unique elastic headband for 4-6 weeks. Our staff will tell you when it is safe to stop wearing the headband and resume normal day-to-day activities.



How Does  Otoplasty Work?


Step One: Skin Works Otoplasty Consultation

The first step is to contact our office to book a consultation. You can select a day and time on our online calendar. When you visit us, one of our specialists will analyze your ear and provide available options. They can also answer any cost, recovery time, and financing questions.


Step Two: Skin Works Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure that takes between 1 and 3 hours. Unless your surgeon decided otherwise, you would be given local anesthesia for the course. The length and complexity of the system depend on the type of correction your surgeon aims for. Your surgeon will review this information with you during your consultation to know what to expect on the day of surgery.


Step Three: Recovery

You will have a dressing placed over your ears. Our staff will review the proper post-treatment plan with you so you know how to care for your ear once you return home. As a general caution, avoid touching or scratching your ears, sleeping in a position that can lead to irritation, and avoiding irritating your dressing when removing clothing. A full recovery can take between 3 to 6 weeks.


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Otoplasty Surgery Options & Prices

Otoplasty Surgery Consultation

$100$ 0 Text “OTOPLASTY” to (310) 402-2314 to schedule your complimentary consultation

We are waving the $100 surgery consultation fee so you can start your NEW body journey with zero risk. You can book a complimentary consultation and find out what options you have for a perfect otoplasty. The consultation comes with zero obligation and is complimentary. No risk for you.

Otoplasty Starts from

$3000 Text “OTOPLASTY” to (310) 402-2314 to schedule your complimentary consultation

Surgeon adjusts the size, positioning, or shape of the ears. Takes 2-3 hours on average. For a more detailed quotation, please book a consultation first. We may be able to offer alternative options to get you the best possible results. The $1800 anesthesia cost is not included in this price. However, not all procedures need general anesthesia. Financing is available through Carecredit.



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