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Skin Works Medical Spa is a premier med spa offering expert Botox injections, lip fillers, Ultherapy, Fat Freezing, and more to the Torrance and Palos Verdes communities. Our team-wide passions for radiant skin and flawless faces bolster our reputation as Torrance’s friendly, results-driven rejuvenation clinic.


Serving All Ages, Stages, and Goals 


Our drive is to deliver natural-looking, restorative and regenerative results with little to no downtime. Skin Works Medical Spa strives to restore youth and beauty in relation to our clients’ unique goals and obstacles.

We perform a range of comprehensive and straightforward cosmetic and skin treatments. From Botox and Dysport to Chemical Peels and non-surgical facelifts. As a result, our clinic saves you the trip and cost of a South Bay Los Angeles plastic surgeon.

What’s better, we deliver all of our results with cutting-edge technology. Backed by science, mastery, and an artistic nuance, we are the leading Torrance medical spa for individualized, natural-looking, and radiant results.



The Lip Fillers and Botox South Bay Trusts 


Botox, lip fillers, and laser hair removal are no strangers to Los Angeles. While there are a host of treatment centers offering these procedures, you need a team of experts to deliver the lasting results of your dreams.

Our treatment range and outcomes are the most impressive in Palos Verdes. Stop Googling “best med spa Torrance.” With our commitments to client care, real results, and cutting-edge procedures, Skin Works Medical Spa will always be the answer.

Our most popular services include:


If you don’t have your heart set on a specific service, but know you wish to achieve a particular look, Dr. Tahsini is happy to help you design the right treatment course. Learn All About Our Different Services!


More Than a Botox Clinic


Dr. Matt Tahisini and N.P. Monique Pasten are united in their passion and knowledge that skincare, fillers, and Botox require a touch of artistry. Though we are a premier clinic, there is nothing clinical about our approach to patient care.

Every face shape and skin type is different. While it may seem simple, there is nothing one-size-fits-all about skin rejuvenation treatments and restoration therapies.

If you’ve been let down by past medical spa results, it’s time to switch to a team that assesses your situation holistically. By devising informed solutions that reap inarguable results, we will always be that team.

Start your journey toward a reinvigorated you with a comprehensive skin consultation with Skin Works Medical Spa!


Have a question? Simply send a TXT message to (844) 759-6757 and start the conversation! 


The Med Spa Torrance Loves!


At Skin Works Medical Spa, we know your aesthetic goals and skincare desires evolve with time and advancements in technology. That’s why we’re committed to establishing lifelong relationships with our clients.

Botox, lip fillers, and weight loss initiatives reap better results when you stay with a trusted doctor who knows your face, body and preferred outcomes.

The Skin Works Medical Spa team is passionate about making our Torrance and South Bay clients look and feel their absolute best today, tomorrow, and through all stages of development.

However, don’t take our word for it. Trust the testimonials of your Torrance neighbors who can’t stop showing off their subtle transformations.


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The endless search for ‘best Botox near me’ ends here. No matter what med spa services you need, we will get you the best possible results. Your ideal you awaits!


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Best Service Providers in Torrance and South Bay

Dr. Matt Tahsini

Dr. Tahsini is the Medical Director of Skin Works Medical Spa. He has been practicing Family Medicine for over 15 years and is a Fellow in Anti Aging Medicine from The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M). Dr. Tahsini is also board certified in Aesthetic Medicine through the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. He is committed to providing healthy lifestyles that include advanced skin care regimens and procedures, diet, supplements, exercise and anti-aging treatments. Dr. Tahsini is passionate about helping people look and feel healthy and youthful.

He is founder of Skin Works Medical Spa, a revolutionary skin care clinic designed to transform the way people from all walks of life and age look and feel. From simple, one time treatments, to more complex procedures. Dr. Tahsini is committed to ensuring your skin looks and feels its absolute best. Dr. Tahsini developed this innovative skin care clinic, staffed it with the most amazing, highly-skilled team members and insisted upon the absolute most advanced skin care technologies available. He has a warm, friendly bed-side manner and always involves you in an inclusive dialog about what to expect from treatments and results. He is fully committed to helping every patient look absolutely amazing—often completely reversing bad skin appearance, rejuvenating it to healthy, gorgeous skin. Dr. Tahsini provides a variety of effective and innovative skin treatments including: Injectables, Laser treatments, Chemical Peels, Vein Therapy, Skin Care Products, Vitamin Therapies, Diet Adaptations and much more. He and his outstanding staff cordially invite you to schedule a comprehensive skin consultation and take the first step to looking and feeling your absolute best!

Monique Pasten N.P.

Monique is a Nurse Practitioner and an artist with injectables and dermal fillers! She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from USC, and her Master’s Degree in Family Practice, from UCLA.

Monique has over a decade of nursing experience including aesthetics, hospital, surgical, and instruction. She has a robust previous spa and skincare background, but also well experienced in the latest industry-leading Injectables and Laser technologies.

Monique’s passion for helping people feel and look their best, combined with her keen eye and gentle touch make her perfect for helping create the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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