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Laser Hair Removal


What is Laser Hair Removal?

With the most sophisticated Laser Hair Removal Equipment, and our skillful medical professionals, at Skin Works Medical Spa, we can quickly and easily remove unwanted hair from all parts of your body. Regardless of your skin color, our laser light can remove dark hair and light hair from the small bikini area, and the large areas of your body. Our trained medical professionals will pass the laser over the treatment area, which will destroy the hair follicles resulting in less hair, slower hair growth and thinning of remaining hair. There is minimal pain, no damage to the skin, and no downtime.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal? For those with darker skin tones, or individuals who suffer from side effects of excessive sun exposure, or individuals who seek an effective full-body permanent hair removal in Torrance and South Bay Los Angeles, we offer free consultations to discuss all options. From Beverly Hills to Palos Verde, we have been serving hundreds of people who want the best only!

At Skin Works, all medical procedures are performed by certified and skilled medical professionals.

How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

All options come with a FREE consultation and a ZERO purchase obligation.


$150 (x3) treatments: $405 | (x6) treatments: $765



$100 (x3) treatments: $255 | (x6) treatments: $510



$60 (x3) treatments: $162 | (x6) treatments: $306



$60 (x3) treatments: $162 | (x6) treatments: $306



$60 (x3) treatments: $162 | (x6) treatments: $306


Upper Lip

$40 (x3) treatments: $108 | (x6) treatments: $204


Full Face

$150 (x3) treatments: $405 | (x6) treatments: $765


Lower Face

$100 (x3) treatments: $255 | (x6) treatments: $510


Back and Shoulders

$350 (x3) treatments: $945 | (x6) treatments: $1785


Chest and Abdomen

$350 (x3) treatments: $945 | (x6) treatments: $1785



$50 (x3) treatments: $135 | (x6) treatments: $255



$200 (x3) treatments: $540 | (x6) treatments: $1020


Full Legs

$550 (x3) treatments: $1485 | (x6) treatments: $2805



$350 (x3) treatments: $945 | Package of (x6) treatments: $1785


Knees down

$250 (x3) treatments: $675 | (x6) treatments: $1275


Hands or Feet

$100 (x3) treatments: $255 | (x6) treatments: $510



$40 (x3) treatments: $108 | (x6) treatments: $204


Full Arms

$200 (x3) treatments: $540 | (x6) treatments: $1020


Partial Arms

$150 (x3) treatments: $405 | (x6) treatments: $765



$200 (x3) treatments: $540 | (x6) treatments: $1020



$300 (x3) treatments: $810 | (x6) treatments: $1530



$50 (x3) treatments: $135 | (x6) treatments: $255


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What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a painless option for removing unwanted hair! It is safe for all ethnicities, skin tones, and body parts!

How does laser hair removal work?

A highly skilled medical professional will pass the laser over the treatment area. This allows the laser to destroy the hair follicles, resulting in less hair, slower hair growth, and thinning of remaining hair. The laser can do this with little to no pain and no damage to the skin!

How can you remove hair painlessly with a laser?

Lasers in the past used high levels of energy that could easily damage the skin at the treatment site. At Skin Works Med Spa, we use a top-of-the-line laser platform that removes hair comfortably! Our lasers use slow, gradual heat to slowly destroy the hair follicles. Our skilled medical professionals will use artful precision to target these hair follicles and ensure your treatment is safe and effective! Laser technology has advanced, usually alleviating the need for numbing cream to be applied to the treatment area. But if numbing cream is needed, it will be applied for you at no extra cost. You can avoid the pain and tears that come with waxing by switching to laser hair removal!

Why are your lasers more effective at removing hair?

At Skin Works Med Spa, we have multiple lasers to use for your treatment. Our medical professionals will choose the most effective laser according to your type of hair, the color of hair, and skin type.

How much will it cost for laser hair removal?

The cost of treatment will depend on the areas being treated. At Skin Works Med Spa, there are no hidden fees.

Will I need numbing cream prior to laser hair removal?

It depends on which area is being treated and your pain threshold. If needed, our medical professionals will apply it at no extra cost.

How many treatments will I need?

It is recommended to have at least 6 sessions for each treatment area. With each treatment, you will notice hair in the treated area becoming thinner and finer. There is typically a 50% decrease in hair after 6 sessions. Lasers treatments target hairs that have a follicle and are actively growing. Your body is responsible for repairing damaged cells, so it may repair the damaged hair, which is why you may require additional treatments in the future.

If my hair is super thick, will I need more treatments?

Men treating the beard area, individuals with very dense, thick hair, and teens with surging hormone levels will require 10 or more sessions. Individuals with high levels of hormones, ethnic groups with thicker hair, or women who become pregnant may require more sessions. If you have high levels of hormones, you may require routine maintenance treatments.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes! One of our highly skilled medical professionals will use the laser that they determined is best for you to pass over the treatment area, targeting hair follicles and slowly destroying them. Your skin is constantly being observed for any adverse reactions during the treatment.

Who can be treated with laser hair removal?

Anyone can receive laser hair removal! Our lasers use high-quality precision to bypass darker skin pigments, allowing the laser to differentiate between the hair and skin. We have seen astounding results for people of all ethnicity and skin tones!

Who cannot be treated with laser hair removal?

If you have blonde, gray, white, or red hair, laser hair removal may not be recommended. Sometimes the laser cannot recognize the red hairs due to the red color of the laser. Blonde, gray, and white hairs may not be dark enough to always be picked up by the laser. If you have any concerns, you can address these with one of our highly skilled medical professionals prior to treatment!

What areas of my body can I treat with laser hair removal?

Any area of your body that has hair can be treated! That includes the face, feet, genitals, and extremities!

Will I need time to recover after laser hair removal?

No! You can work, workout, or travel right away!

When should I schedule my laser hair removal?

Treatment is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks or every 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the area being treated. If you try to get a treatment prior to 4 weeks, you will not get faster, better results. We want you to save money and time while getting the best results possible!
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