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Summer Specials

Please be advised that all sales are final. All purchases must be paid by 6:00 pm, July 31. You can pay on the phone, online, or on-site if you plan to visit us. Deals cannot be merged with any other ongoing promotions, and cannot be paid with gift cards. You can store all purchased deals for 18 months. Deals cannot be shared.

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Botox | Dysport | Xeomin Packages 


$100 OFF All Lip Fillers


$100 OFF All Under Eye Fillers


$100 OFF All Dermal Fillers


$$$ OFF  Facial Skin Resurfacing Treatments


$$$ OFF  Body Skin Resurfacing Treatments


$$$ OFF IPL Photofacial Treatments


$100 OFF Kybella


$200 OFF RF Microneedling


$100 OFF Plasma Fibroblast Tightening


$50 OFF  IV Vitamin Therapy


$50 OFF  Chemical Peels


$$$ OFF OverSweating Treatment With Botox


$$$ OFF Body Sculpt For Abs, Arms, and Buttocks


$$$ OFF Laser Liposuction For Abs, Flanks, Thighs, and Back


$2000 OFF Butt Augmentation Packages


At Skin Works Medical Spa we work closely with the most well-known American suppliers to provide you with the best quality at the fairest prices. As medical professionals, we strongly recommend that you always get your beauty treatments in a certified facility that you trust.



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