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VI Peel Treatment


What is VI Peel Treatment?

VI Peel is a chemical peel treatment that improves the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, and hands. It contains vitamins A and C and acids that exfoliate and brighten skin. It requires a series of treatments and should be performed by a licensed professional. Aftercare is important for optimal results.



The Vitality Institute (VI) Peel Purify is a medical-grade peel specifically for patients suffering from acne-prone skin. We apply it to kill p.acnes bacteria and open up pores by clearing out dead skin cells. This peel can also help soothe red, inflamed skin that often accompanies acne. It is a good and effective procedure for all skin types.



Indeed, several providers can offer you quality services, But why not schedule a free consultation with us so you can find out why we offer the best in the market? Want to see VI Peel’s before and after pictures? Schedule a complimentary skin analysis today, and let us feel your skin before finding the best solution. Our consultations are always free!



Many providers offer chemical peel treatments in Los Angeles, but why not go for the best one on the market? At Skin Works Medical Spa, our VI Peels (from the Vitality Institute) are performed safely and effectively by our skillful medical professionals.

Whether you have normal or acne-prone skin, our treatments work for all skin types. As a result, you can expect a reduction in visible signs of sun damage and aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and discoloration. So, book a complimentary skin analysis with us today.





The Vitality Institute (VI) Peel is a gentle yet powerful treatment. This medical-grade peel penetrates the top layer of your skin and reaches the dermis underneath. Like other chemical peel treatments, VI peels exfoliate the skin and stimulate the production of new proteins. In addition, this treatment can help with fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones.



If you want to reduce the signs of sun damage and aging, the VI Peel Precision Plus is for you. It is about 25% stronger than the basic VI medical-grade peel. This treatment minimizes the appearance of more stubborn age spots, melasma, and discolored areas. In addition, the VI Peel Precision Plus is safe for all skin types.



The VI Peel Purify is a medical-grade peel for individuals with acne-prone skin. This treatment opens up your pores to remove dead skin cells and p.acnes bacteria. While it is specially formulated to soothe red and inflamed skin due to acne, the VI Peel Purify can be used on all skin types.



The VI Peel Purify and Precision Plus treatment is our most popular peel for acne and scarring. These two powerful treatments work together to fight existing acne while eliminating dark areas on the skin. In addition, this advanced acne solution helps reduce textural scarring and lighten post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) caused by acne breakouts.



Our Snow Peel is ideal for glowing skin without consuming five to seven days of peeling. It contains vitamins, hyaluronic acid, glutathione, multi-peptides, and Salmon DNA, revitalizing damaged cells and enhancing the skin’s metabolism. The Snow Peel uses an innovative peeling technique that removes dead skin cells while rejuvenating your skin simultaneously. In addition, this treatment delivers active ingredients for fibroblast activation into the dermis, which helps develop healthy skin cells.

After the procedure, you can expect some redness, tenderness, and flaky skin. But, unlike other treatments, the downtime is only two to three days.


How Much Does VI Peel Cost?

Are you looking to add some pizzazz to your skin and revitalize your complexion? Look no further than the VI Peel, the latest trend in skincare! While the cost of a VI Peel can vary based on location, provider, and specific type, it’s a small price to pay for the stunning results you’ll achieve. With prices ranging from $300 to $500 per treatment, the VI Peel can reduce the appearance of age spots, melasma, and discoloration, leaving you with a glowing, youthful complexion. Plus, we always offer package deals and interest-free payment plans, so ask how you can save! Consult with a licensed and experienced provider today and get ready to experience the excitement and benefits of the VI Peel for yourself!

Chemical Peel Before & After

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VI Peel Treatment Options & Prices

Snow Peel

$250 For Buy Now Pay Later options text 'SW238' to (844) 759-6757

If you're seeking a way to achieve glowing skin without the commitment of a 5-7 day peel, Snow Peel might be the perfect solution for you. This peel features a combination of Salmon DNA, multi-peptides, glutathione, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid, and uses an innovative peeling technique to remove dead skin cells while also rejuvenating the skin. With Snow Peel, you can enhance skin metabolism and revitalize damaged skin cells for a healthier overall appearance. While downtime is required, lasting two to three days with some redness and tenderness, the treatment only results in flaky skin during this period.

VI Peel

$300 For Buy Now Pay Later options text 'SW224' to (844) 759-6757

The Vitality Institute Peel is a gentle yet powerful medical-grade peel that is good for fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin tone, and smoothing the skin.


$400 For Buy Now Pay Later options text 'SW226' to (844) 759-6757

The Vitality Institute Peel Precision Plus is an intensified version of the standard VI medical grade peel. As it is about 25% more potent, this peel is specifically designed to minimize the appearance of stubborn age spots, melasma, and areas of discoloration. This treatment is appropriate and effective for individuals of all skin types.

VI PEEL Purify

$300 For Buy Now Pay Later options text 'SW228' to (844) 759-6757

The Vitality Institute Peel Purify is a medical-grade peel that is tailored to those with acne-prone skin. Its purpose is to target p.acnes bacteria and unclog pores by removing dead skin cells. Additionally, the peel can aid in calming red and inflamed skin, which is often associated with acne. This treatment is appropriate and efficacious for individuals of all skin types.


$450 For Buy Now Pay Later options text 'SW230' to (844) 759-6757

Our top-of-the-line peel is specifically designed to address acne and acne scarring. This cutting-edge acne solution works in harmony to fight active acne symptoms and repair dark spots on the skin. This peel effectively fades textural scarring and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) resulting from acne breakouts.

VI BACK Purify With Precision Plus

$900 For Buy Now Pay Later options text 'SW232' to (844) 759-6757

Suffering from back acne and rashes? This may be the ultimate solution.

VI Body Peel - L

$800 For Buy Now Pay Later options text 'SW234' to (844) 759-6757

Large Body Part.

VI Body Peel - M/S

$600 For Buy Now Pay Later options text 'SW236' to (844) 759-6757

Small/Medium Body Part.




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Who should get a VI Peel Precision Plus?

If you are looking to reduce signs of sun damage and aging, then the Peel Precise Plus is for you. If you are not a candidate to receive IPL or Pixel treatments, then you will love this alternative. This treatment can remove deep, dark spots by blending and evening the skin tone.

Does the VI Peel Precision Plus work for all skin tones?

Yes! Our skillful medical professionals can perform a Peel Precise Plus on any skin type safely and effectively.

What areas can be treated with a chemical peel?

We use it on the hands, arms, chest, and face. We do not use a Peel Precise Plus on areas such as the neck, where the skin is delicate.

Are chemical peel results permanent?

Results are permanent; however, sun damage and aging will continue to occur. Follow-up treatments may be needed for optimal results.

Are chemical peels safe?

Yes! Individuals of all skin types can enjoy the results.

What does a VI Peel Precision Plus feel like?

You will typically feel a strong heat sensation once we apply the peel.

Does it hurt to get a chemical peel?

The heat may be uncomfortable for some individuals. Using a cold compress after treatment can help with this discomfort.

How many chemical peels will I need?

We recommend only 1 to 3 treatments per year due to the strength of the treatment; however, some individuals may require multiple sessions to get optimal results.

How soon will I see results from a peel?

Results typically take 1 to 2 weeks to develop.

What kind of results can I expect from a chemical peel?

You can expect the lightening or disappearance of dark spots, freckles, and general discoloration. Fine lines and wrinkles are also smoothed away, making you look younger as signs of sun and environmental damage disappear.

Will my peel results look natural?

Yes. A Peel lifts layers of damaged or dead skin, revealing healthy skin as results develop after treatment.

Who should not get a peel?

Those with active wounds or infections in the treatment area should not receive treatment. We do not recommend it for nursing or pregnant mothers to receive this treatment and most elective procedures; however, an Aqua Facial is perfect for these individuals.

Is there any downtime after a peel?

Residual peeling will occur, so social downtime is a possibility.

What are the side effects of a peel?

There may be some redness that will last a couple of hours.

What should I avoid after a peel treatment?

Avoid long sun exposure. If you must be out in the sun, wear a hat and sunscreen of at least 50 SPF. Do not use Retinols or products containing Vitamin C after treatment.

What follow-up care will I need after a peel?

We recommend using a gentle cleanser day and night, and a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.

Can I get my peel before travel or a special event?

Due to residual peeling, the Peel should be done at least two weeks prior to a special event. Traveling is absolutely fine! Just remember that you need to avoid long sun exposure. IF you cannot avoid the sun, then wear a hat and use sunscreen that is at least 50 SPF.


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