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VI Peel Treatment


How much does VI Peel Treatment cost?

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VI Peel

$250 Package Price (x3) is available for $650

The Vitality Institute (VI) Peel is a gentle yet powerful medical-grade peel that is good for fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin tone, and smoothing the skin.


$350 Package Price (x3) is available for $950

The Vitality Institute (VI) Peel Precision Plus is a more powerful version of the basic VI medical grade peel. It is used to reduce the appearance of the more stubborn age spots and areas of discoloration.

VI Purify

$250 Package Price (x3) is available for $650


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Who should get a VI Peel Precision Plus?

If you are a man or woman looking to reduce signs of sun damage and aging, then the VI Peel Precise Plus is for you! If you are not a candidate to receive IPL or Pixel treatments, then you will love this alternative. Deep, dark spots can be removed with a VI Peel Precise Plus by blending and evening the skin tone.

Does the VI Peel Precision Plus work for all skin tones?

Yes! Our skilled medical professionals can perform a VI Peel Precise Plus on any skin type safely and effectively.

What areas can a VI Peel be used on?

A VI Peel can be used on the hands, arms, chest, and face. A VI Peel Precise Plus cannot be used on areas, such as the neck, where the skin is delicate.

Are VI Peel results permanent?

Results are permanent; however, sun damage and aging will continue to occur. Follow-up treatments may be needed for optimal results.

Is VI Peel safe?

Yes! Individuals of all skin types can enjoy the VI Peel results.

How should I prepare for my VI Peel Precision Plus?

We recommend that you pre-treat the area with VI Peel, before getting a VI Peel Precise Plus treatment; however, it is not necessary.

What does a VI Peel Precision Plus feel like?

You will typically feel a strong heat sensation once the peel is applied.

Does it hurt to get a VI Peel?

The heat may be uncomfortable for some individuals. Using a cold compress after treatment can help with this discomfort.

How many VI Peel treatments will I need?

Only 1 to 2 treatments are recommended per year due to the strength of the treatment; however, some individuals may require multiple sessions to get optimal results.

How soon will I see results of VI Peel?

Results typically take 1 to 2 weeks to develop.

What kind of results can I expect from VI Peel?

You can expect lightening or disappearance of dark spots, freckles, and general discoloration. Fine lines and wrinkles are also smoothed away, making you look younger as signs of sun and environmental damage disappear.

Will my VI Peel results look natural?

Yes. A VI Peel lifts layers of damaged or dead skin, revealing healthy skin as results develop after treatment.

Who should not get a VI Peel?

Those with active wounds or infections in the treatment area should not receive treatment. It is not recommended for nursing or pregnant mothers to receive this treatment and most elective procedures; however, an Aqua Facial is perfect for these individuals.

Is there any downtime after a VI Peel?

Residual peeling will occur, so social downtime is a possibility.

What are the side effects from a VI Peel?

There may be some redness that will last a couple of hours.

What should I avoid after a VI Peel treatment?

Avoid prolonged sun exposure. If you must be out in the sun, wear a hat and sunscreen of at least 50 SPF. Do not use Retinols or products containing Vitamin C after treatment.

What follow-up care will I need after a VI Peel?

We recommend using a gentle cleanser day and night followed by a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.

Can I get my VI Peel before travel or a special event?

Due to residual peeling, the VI Peel should be done at least two weeks prior to a special event. Traveling is absolutely fine! Just remember that you need to avoid prolonged sun exposure. IF you cannot avoid the sun, then wear a hat and use sunscreen that is at least 50 SPF.
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