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Laser Acne Treatment


What is Laser Acne Treatment?

Laser acne treatment, utilizing non-invasive procedures, harnesses concentrated light technology to precisely target and eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Not only does this lead to clearer skin, but it also reduces inflammation. Furthermore, laser acne treatments actively stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. By encouraging collagen production, they play a vital role in diminishing the appearance of acne scars.

This method offers an effective alternative to traditional topical treatments and medications for those struggling with persistent acne. Transitioning from mere surface-level solutions, laser treatment delves deeper into the root causes of acne. The specifics of the procedure, which can vary based on the type of laser used and individual skin concerns, will be explored in the following sections, showcasing a comprehensive approach to acne management.


Top Laser Acne in Torrance

Most acne laser treatments apply a low-energy yellow light laser beam that can reduce and control active acne and rosacea. Our medical professionals accomplish this by using the laser to create zones of heat injury to the skin. As a result, the stimulation grows new, healthy skin cells to replace old, damaged cells. Consequently, the intentional turnover of skin cells produces collagen, which is accelerated by the body’s natural healing process.

So, in a nutshell, we will trick your skin cells into taking care of your acne problems, and we use the right laser tailored for your acne problem and skin type.


Effective Acne Laser Treatments

While laser technologies offer remarkable possibilities, their success pivots to precision, which is a priority at Skin Works; therefore, we design a plan to minimize active acne, rosacea, redness, and inflammation and simultaneously enhance damaged skin texture. This is achieved by focusing on the skin at the cellular level, encouraging a more youthful and radiant appearance. Furthermore, we emphasize comfort and safety by taking precautionary measures to reduce potential discomfort and unwanted side effects, such as purpura, commonly linked with Pulsed Dye Lasers (PDL).

Our distinct method employs quasi-pulsing, delivering individual pulses of energy at a 12 kHz repetition rate to avoid harming the surrounding tissue. Our primary goal is to tackle your acne concerns without damaging your skin. We advise caution with inexpensive laser treatments, where low cost may compromise quality. Quality and precision govern our treatments at Skin Works, reinforcing our commitment to your skin’s overall well-being.



Searching for the best price is common, but considering the overall value is essential, including the combined costs of dermatology visits, various treatments, products, and your invested time. The crucial question becomes: what results can you achieve, and at what price? At Skin Works, we’re committed to competitive pricing for the top-notch care and service you’ll receive, reflecting a quality you can trust. Unlike others, we don’t promote specific treatments. Instead, we prioritize transparency through free consultations, detailing potential results, recovery time, side effects, pricing, promotions, and payment plans, all without any obligations or strings attached.



What sets Skin Works apart, though, is our wide selection of premier acne lasers. Rather than guiding you to a specific system, we extend a broad spectrum of the finest systems tailored to your unique needs. In other words, we don’t just provide laser treatments; we become your partner in your journey toward clearer, healthier skin, ensuring personalized care that resonates with our commitment to quality and efficacy.

At Skin Works, we merge the gold-standard wavelength for addressing vascular irregularities with the latest benchmark in non-ablative resurfacing. Our goal is to restore your skin confidence. Welcome to Skin Works!


Laser Acne Treatment Options & Prices

Acne Consultation

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Not sure what you need? Experience our no-obligation, free consultations at your convenience. During this session, we pay close attention to your concerns and desired outcomes. Following an examination of your areas of concern, we'll present all available options. You can expect complete transparency about costs, potential side-effects, expected results, recovery, after-care, and available promotions and financing options. We're committed to empowering you with all necessary information for an informed decision.

AviClear Package of 3 Sessions



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Laser acne treatment works by utilizing concentrated light technology to penetrate the skin's layers and target the underlying issues causing acne. Initially, the laser energy is directed at the sebaceous (oil) glands, causing them to shrink, which helps to reduce the production of oil and consequently decrease acne formation. Next, the laser's heat targets acne-causing bacteria, effectively destroying them. Simultaneously, the treatment stimulates the skin's natural healing process, encouraging the production of collagen, which assists in reducing the appearance of acne scars. Furthermore, the procedure can minimize inflammation and redness, resulting in a clearer and healthier complexion. By addressing acne on these multiple fronts, laser acne treatment provides an efficient and targeted approach to managing this common skin concern, making it a preferred alternative to topical treatments and medications.

what is aviclear?

AviClear, an FDA-cleared laser system manufactured by Cutera, stands as a revolutionary treatment for mild to severe acne. Through targeting and heating the skin's sebaceous glands, this laser suppresses natural sebum production, addressing both existing acne and reducing the frequency and intensity of future breakouts. Its unique design ensures precise delivery of laser energy to the sebaceous glands, sparing surrounding structures, while its built-in cooling function adds to the treatment's comfort. As a result, the Cutera AviClear laser can be suitable for all skin tones. For optimal outcomes, doctors typically recommend a regimen of three monthly AviClear treatments, with each 30-minute session usually involving little to no downtime.

Does AviClear work?

AviClear system, bolstered by ADVATx, isn't merely on the cutting edge of medical science; it's also recognized with multiple FDA and CE clearances for acne treatment. As a result, it's become the laser solution preferred by esteemed practitioners dedicated to offering the most advanced options available.


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