Anti-Aging Top Dermatology Skincare Tips

Nov. 19, 2019 7:12 am | by Dr. M. Tahsini

Anti-Aging Torrance: 5 Top Dermatology Skincare Tips

Wish your skin looked younger? Depending on your skincare habits, aging can change your skin’s appearance. There are so many things we do every day that age our skin, and by making a few changes in our daily regimen, we can slow down aging. Dr. Tahsini from Skin Works Medical Spa, Torrance, shares with you his anti-aging secrets. To get a healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin, here are

Anti Aging Guide For Torrance & Palos Verdes Locals: Top 5 Tips


1. Be Sun Safe


UV exposure is the number-one skin-ager out there. Every minute you spend sunbathing is slowly unraveling your collagen fibers. This translates to dropping, a lost jawline, and wrinkles. It also adds skin discoloration. It’s like throwing your finest cashmere sweater in the dryer on high heat.


Protect your skin from the sun by using a sunscreen with a high SPF. It helps prevent early wrinkles and skin cancer. If you tend to forget sunscreen, use moisturizer and foundation with an SPF. You may not get the optimum amount of SPF, but it is better than going without.


2. Eat a Balanced Diet

Have a healthy meal that includes foods containing omega fatty acids and antioxidants, and eliminate all refined sugar! Refined added sugars make your skin age more rapidly. Increase your intake of fresh fruits. Vegetables, on the other hand, help to retain your skin’s glow.

3. Get Proper Rest


Sleep is essential for beauty. It is a time for the body and skin to heal and restore. Whenever we skimp on sleep, the first place it shows is on your skin. The skin becomes dull and dark under-eye circles appear. Most people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Before going to bed, apply an anti-aging facial cream to seal in moisture while you sleep.


4. Hydrate Yourself


If you’re reading this, drink water – in its all forms – all day long! Dehydrated skin loses its resilience and makes us appear older and tired. Hydrating on the inside will result in dewy and fresh looking skin on the outside. A litter a day is a good start to look and feel better. While water is good for your skin, keep in mind though that drinking it in excess doesn’t have major effects.

5. Embrace Skin Care Treatments

Many women would like to turn back the clock 5 to 10 years but are reluctant to try anti-aging skin care treatments like Botox. Although a healthy lifestyle will slow down aging, it isn’t enough to regain your looks from a decade ago.


With a skillful combination of anti-aging treatments, you can avoid surgery and do easy lunchtime in-and-out procedures such as Botox, Dysport, and Dermal Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, which result in a more youthful appearance. It’s safe, it works and it has stood the test of time.


Another anti-aging treatment known as the “vampire facial” thanks to Kim Kardashian’s scary selfie, is the micro-needling treatment. It’s a “collagen induction therapy” treatment that boosts collagen to make your skin look younger, even out skin texture, and make you look more radiant.


If you have wrinkles, acne scars, and textural imperfections, Dr. Tahsini from Skin Works Medical Spa, Torrance, California, says that you might be a candidate for Sublative and Sublime Rejuvenation treatments. These anti-aging Torrance treatments use bipolar radio-frequency and deep infrared heat, both of which are directed into the dermal layer of the skin to stimulates collagen production.


Skin Works Medical Spa offers the best anti-aging treatments in Torrance and surrounding areas. Not sure which treatment can transform your beauty to a new level?


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