What is Dermaplaning?

Nov. 11, 2019 2:52 pm | by Author

What is Dermaplaning?


Dermaplaning, the skincare buzzword you have spotted on beauty portals and social media, is a skincare treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells and peach fuzz with a scalpel-like device. Above all, it is essentially shaving your face, but don’t freak out! It doesn’t give you cuts or leave scars.


A well-trained esthetician can simply abrade the surface of the skin using light feathering strokes with a scalpel. Dermaplaning is an alternative to microdermabrasion with less downtime and more advantages. Furthermore, it takes a couple of minutes to do and you can move on with your day once you’ve topped your face with an SPF cream.

Does Dermaplaning Exfoliate?

Dermaplaning is ideal for all skin tones and types with the exception of people with active cystic acne. If done properly and at a facial spa, dermaplaning is a great alternative for patients who cannot opt for lasers. Pregnant women or nursing mothers can go for a deep exfoliation.


Always book your dermaplaning treatments with your trusted aestheticians in a medical facility, as a solid set of skills is quite important in performing this treatment. Just like women, men can benefit form a dermaplaning treatment and attain an immidiate natural glow by removing the dead skin off their face. There are facials for men that can be accompanied with a a dermaplaning treatment to get optimum results.


Dermaplaning can be also used to prepare the skin for chemical peels. Dermaplaning allows products to penetrate more readily into the deeper layers. Watch this dermaplaning video and see how medical professionals apply this technique to make your skin glow.


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