Does Ultherapy Work?

Nov. 15, 2021 12:08 pm | by Dr. M. Tahsini

does ultherapy work

After age 25, our bodies begin to produce less collagen until there is almost no new collagen being made. This is what causes frown lines, neck wrinkles, drooping eyelids, and other unwanted signs of aging. While prevention is important, cosmetic procedures are the most effective ways to support the natural growth of collagen and delay aging. As a non-invasive treatment, Ultherapy is known to be a very effective way to combat signs of aging on the skin.


However, the biggest question surrounding this treatment is: Does Ultherapy work? Read on to find out!


What Is Ultherapy?


Ultherapy treatment is a common alternative to a surgical facelift for those who don’t want to undergo surgery. As a result, it’s designed to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging on the chest, neck, and face using ultrasound technology to boost the natural collagen production of your skin.


Does Ultherapy Work?


Beauty experts, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgery practitioners all rave about this noninvasive facelift because it works.


Ultherapy works because it targets areas under the skin using ultrasound energy. The right temperature can support collagen regeneration. The three layers affected during this treatment are:


  • Muscle

  • Skin

  • Superficial wrinkles



Stimulating collagen and elastic tissue results in less sagging, firmer skin, and fewer wrinkles.



Ultherapy Procedure


A physician or laser technician will complete this procedure by first cleaning the areas of your skin they will work with. The Ultherapy device is placed against the skin where Ultrasound energy delivers to the target area.


Patients have said that they feel quick heat and tingling during the process. If you feel discomfort, pain medicine is administered.



Risks and Side Effects


This non-surgical skin tightening procedure, much like other treatments, comes with risks and side effects. However, many find that the process is relatively painless, and side effects quickly vanish.


The areas of skin treated during this facelift alternative might become red or flushed hours after the procedure. Tingling, tenderness, and swelling are also short-term sensations that can occur.


Rarely, numbness and bruising may occur but will go away days after the procedure.


Because of the minimal side effects and promising results, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Ultherapy for:


  • Noninvasive neck and submental area lift
  • Noninvasive eyebrow lift
  • Improvement of lines and wrinkles


It also works for improving the chest area along with the face.



Ultherapy Results


After undergoing this nonsurgical ultrasound technology, you can resume regular activities almost immediately after treatment. There is no downtime with this procedure and you’ll often notice results within a few days.


Everyone’s body produces collagen at a different rate, but once you begin to notice results, the improvement will continue for up to three months. The results last for as long as your body produces new collagen.


Depending on your skin’s response to the procedure, you can decide if you need additional sessions.


Kathie Lee Gifford, a patient of Ultherapy, found the results of Ultherapy to turn back the clock on aging. Like her, many patients were happy with their Ultherapy treatment.



Is Ultherapy Right for You?


Does Ultherapy work? The answer is yes, but is the procedure right for you? If you are looking for a noninvasive way to tighten skin, Uthera and HIFU will be most beneficial. With nonsurgical ultrasound technology, your skin’s natural collagen production will kickstart to tighten your look!



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