How to Get Rid of Sun Damage on Face?

Nov. 15, 2021 12:12 pm | by Dr. M. Tahsini

how to get rid of sun damage on face


Have you noticed flat, brown spots forming on your face, scalp, or hands? Though these spots may sometimes look alarming, you don’t need to panic. These are most likely to be sunspots, also known as liver spots. These noncancerous blemishes appear on areas of your skin that have received the most prolonged sun exposure.


While they may not be a threat to your health, you may still want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons. If that’s the case, you are in luck! There are remedies that can reduce or even remove the presence of damage on the face, scalp, and hand areas.


If you want to learn more about how to heal undamaged skin, read on!


At-Home Remedies

That’s right, there are ways to heal sun-damaged skin with safe ingredients in your own home! Here are a few simple remedies that we would like to recommend. And remember, one of the best ways to deal with sun damage is to protect yourself from UV rays as much as possible.




Retinoids are chemical compounds derived from vitamin A. They encourage your skin to dispose of older skin cells while promoting the growth of new ones. They are effective for removing sun damage from not only sunspots but wrinkles and freckles as well.


Retinoid creams can be purchased over-the-counter, though prescription-strength retinoids can be obtained through your dermatologist.


Herbal Treatments

There are a number of herbal, all-natural remedies you can try. While these methods are backed more by tradition than medicine, they are worth a go. They are harmless, and some people swear by them!


  • 1- Aloe Vera: Aloe contains aloesin and aloin, two chemical compounds that are unique to this amazing and useful plant. Both have been found to lighten hyperpigmentation in your skin. A regular smear of fresh aloe could help to fade away those pesky sun damaged white spots on your skin, not to mention keep you moisturized.

  • 2- Lemon Juice: Lemons are one of the common traditional remedies for skin blemishes. They are still often used as an ingredient in modern skin care products. Just make sure to moisturize after using this method, as the acidic citrus juice can dry your skin.



Professional Treatments


Stick with the at-home remedies for a few weeks. If you aren’t seeing results after consistent use over a long period of time, you may have to seek help from a dermatologist. They will be able to provide stronger healing methods that require medical expertise to use with safety.


  • 1- Laser Treatments: If you search online for “how to get rid of sun damage on face”, this is the most common answer you will see. Laser treatments are the fastest and most consistent way to remove unwanted pigmentation from your skin. Lasers can even remove tattoo ink!

  • 2- Intense Light Pulse (IPL): When you expose your skin to a brief, intense burst of light, the concentrated areas of melanin are destroyed. This method is also effective in removing unwanted hair. It may not be effective on people who already have dark skin, however.


How to Heal Sun Damage on Your Face


You have learned the home remedies and the professional treatments with lasers and IPL Photofacial. But when it comes to healing sun damage on your face or sun-damaged skin in general, the most important ingredient is consistency. You are not likely to see instant complete results without some dedication and patience. Always do your own research and talk to your doctor to find what works best for you.


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