Lip Injection: How Does It Work & How Long Does It Last?

Nov. 19, 2020 3:45 pm | by Author

how does lip injection work in palos verdes california


Even if they don’t admit it, most women (and men) do care about their appearance. We all have a vision in our heads of how we would like to look, what is beautiful, and the different ways we can achieve it. Sometimes we do this naturally, like switching shampoos for a different look with our hair. On the other hand, there are medical services for other types of changes we would like to see.


In recent years, having fuller lips has been a goal and an ideal look of beauty for many people around the world. Lip injection is a safe and relatively affordable way to accentuate your lips while still looking natural.


Wondering about the best lip filler in Palos Verdes? If you are a South Bay Los Angeles local, read on to learn more about our lip fillers, and how they can help you achieve your beauty goals.


The Spa Environment

When you go to a spa to get a treatment, you may question the qualifications of who is providing you with the service. This is because of how relaxing the environment is. In contrast, if you are getting this service done by a doctor, you may feel uncomfortable in their bland office.


When you come into Skin Works Medical Spa, at any of our many locations across the South Bay area of Los Angeles, you will feel at ease and relaxed. We pride ourselves on the great atmosphere of a calming spa we have created. Then, as well, giving treatments from board-certified doctors.


Our highly skilled professionals can help give you the look that you have been longing for. When you come in for a free consultation, we work with you to make sure you are happy with what the results will be.


We want to help you accentuate your already beautiful lips, not make them look too filled out.



With our lip filler injection techniques, aftercare is very simple – just keep your lips moisturized! Of course, you may have swelling, which comes with any type of beauty treatment, but that will subside.


Lip Injections

If you are thinking “where are the best lip injections near me?” we know that you haven’t been looking well enough since you haven’t found us yet! With medical spas in Torrance, Polas Verdes, Manhattan Beach, and Hawthorn – to name a few – we know that we have a location close to you.


If you are thinking about getting lip fillers done by a medical professional in a calming setting, then you need to come in for your free consultation today!


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