What is sublative laser treatment?

Oct. 03, 2021 5:05 pm | by Author

what is sublative treatment?

 What is sublative laser treatment?

If you – or anyone you know – are seriously thinking about getting some work done to improve the look and feel of the skin on your face, there are many different options that one can choose from.


Whether it is something as non-invasive as a facial or as invasive as going under the knife and getting surgery, there are so many options to choose from that it can ultimately become somewhat paralyzing. However, if you are trying to make sure that you have softer and more youthful-looking skin now and in the future, there is no better time to find the right kinds of procedures for yourself than right now!


Therefore, we have taken the time to break down everything you should know about this resurfacing treatment.


So, what is sublative laser treatment, and what benefits can you get from it? Continue reading to find out!


What is sublative laser treatment?

Sublative laser treatment – also commonly referred to as eMatrix treatment – is a laser treatment that utilizes the power of radiofrequency to correct various skin issues such as wrinkles, scarring, texture, and the overall aged look of skin.

The sublative laser treatment is different from other non-invasive procedures because it allows for much deeper penetration into the layers of the skin. This allows the treatment to reach the underlying layers of skin and encourage collagen production, leading to fewer wrinkles and more youthful and pleasant-looking skin.


Beyond that, sublative laser treatment is far less invasive than even other types of laser treatment types. Because of that, patients enjoy a much shorter and less painful recovery time!


Does sublative work?

 Sublative laser rejuvenation treatment benefits a bi-polar radiofrequency to penetrate deep into layers of skin with a grid of 64 electrodes. It penetrates through a technologically advanced tip on the machine’s applicator.


This method destroys the old skin while the surrounding skin is left completely unharmed. As a result, the intact skin starts helping heal the damaged skin, which leads to the natural production of collagen during the healing process.


What does sublative rejuvenation?

 This is an important question to ask whenever you think about utilizing a new skin treatment. While many skin treatments aim to solve the same issues, you need to find one that specifically targets what you want to help solve.


Many treatments have different areas of strength, whether it is saggy skin, discoloration, pigmentation, scars, or sun damage.


When it comes to sublative laser treatment, it looks like that sublative can treat a lot of different types of skin issues. Primarily, people looking to take care of acne scarring, age spots, skin texture and tightness, moderate wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation of the skin can benefit the most.


The best part is that patients will see a fairly short downtime and recovery time, especially compared with the recovery time of some other skin treatments. Once the full effects of the procedure have finished, patients will see an overall improvement in skin, not just in the sense of the appearance of the skin, but the texture and tautness of the skin.


what is sublative

Are there any risks to sublative laser treatment? 

It’s always important to know about the potential risks that come with treatment. Like all treatments, there are some risks here. However, such side effects are rare in patients who elect to undergo the procedure. And that’s why we recommend everyone opt-in for a free consultation before going for any laser treatment.


  • Erythema and edema refer to the redness and swelling some patients experience after undergoing sublative laser treatment. While this is one of the most common reactions to the procedure, it is mild and disappears quickly. Furthermore, patients can expect irritation, itching, or a mild burning sensation for a few days. However, it is typically no worse than a light sunburn.
  • Discomfort – This is another relatively common side effect of the procedure. There may be some discomfort during and shortly after the procedure, but this will subside quickly.
  • Rare risks – There have been scarring, infection, hyperpigmentation, and numbing agents reactions with sublative laser treatment. However, these happen very rarely. If you have concerns, ask your doctor to explain how rare these instances are.


What is sublative recovery typically like?

 Just like all laser treatments, patients should expect a recovery time from sublative laser treatment.  Most people can return to their normal daily activities immediately following the treatment.  Some others may experience mild swelling and redness in the first few days following. Beyond that, some patients may also experience light drying and flakiness of older layers of skin. You can treat these common side effects with a medical-grade skin moisturizer.


What are the benefits of sublative?

 As previously explained, there are many benefits of sublative laser treatment. Though we know it as an “all-natural” facial treatment, we can compare results to more drastic measures. This is because when the sublative stimulates natural collagen production, the textures, touch, and pigments on the skin improve too. Beyond that, the sublative is relatively painless if you compare it to other similar procedures.

Moreover, there is much to gain from sublative since side effects are rare and fade quickly.

Finally, the price of sublative laser treatment is also relatively low, especially compared to many similar types of treatment.



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