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best botox expert near me

Mastering the Craft of Botox 

Can your anti-aging regimen help reduce symptoms of depression or fight migraines? We know Botox can.


Time Magazine called it “The Drug That’s Treating Everything” due to the growing list of ailments Botox is proving to be useful against. But should you get Botox from anyone? Here are the essential qualities every true Botox expert near you should have.


Bad vs Good Botox

Before we dive into the qualities of a Botox expert, it’s important to understand the difference between bad and good injections. Botox has become so routine for many people, it’s a wonder how so many practitioners get it wrong. Although the procedure of getting Botox injections is quick and simple, it requires significant expertise.


Good Botox doesn’t change you. Botox is not designed to change the way you look. Its purpose is to freeze the muscles to tighten and lift aged skin. Any Botox expert will promise you aesthetic improvement, not a magic wand. Good Botox minimizes the appearance of aging, but it doesn’t reverse it.

It’s of vital importance that you get your injection in a well-known clinic, because while many will sell you Botox, they may use counterfit or different products and tell you they are as good. If you are getting Botox for less than $10 per unit, you may want to switch to a different clinic.


Aging Science Training

A true medical spa should be at the frontier of the future of aging science. Major advancements and discoveries are coming from institutions like Stanford and Harvard, and one cannot claim to be an expert in modern medical aesthetics without being aware of the science that’s reshaping age-related medicine.


Being a fellow in Anti Aging Medicine from The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M) is the highest achivement for an aesthetic doctor. A4M is a respected organization made of healthcare practitioners that focuses on the advancements in aging science. Fellows must become experts in the practice of functional, regenerative, and anti-aging medicine. To be able to effectively treat the skin for aging, one must understand the process of how the body ages at every level. See if your favorite injector has made the science of aesthetics a priority to learn and improve!


Medical Aesthetics Certification

Just because someone is a licensed physician, or understands the science of aging, doesn’t mean they know how to effectively administer anti-aging procedures. The face is made of 43 small muscles and only a true expert understands how to properly work with them. As a metter of fact, continued education in anti-aging aesthetics is essential for comsetic injectors. To achieve a medical aesthetics certification a physician must also undergo three levels of Botox training to become board certified.


Training includes specialized training specifically in injectables, dermal fillers, cosmetic dermatology, lasers, physical peelings, phlebology and pain management, sclerotherapy, skin conditioning, and chemical peelings.


Experienced Injectors

Expereince with general medicine gives an injector a good undestading of how different people would react to different drugs. In addition to hands-on training specifically in aesthetic medicine, an expanded level of experence is a huge plus for a licenced injector.


On top of months of aesthetic-focused patient training, applicants must pass a rigorous exam before they can get the board-certified license. Experience in the medical field allows an expert to handle any type injection like preventative injections and more complex & multi-step treatments with injetcables. Every face is different. No amount of reading or knowledge can replace what real-world experience teaches when administering Botox. Experts are like sculptors who have to evaluate and work with each unique form they are presented with to bring out its full capacity for beauty.


Remember: You’re Worth It

Television shows like “Botched” may seem far-fetched, but less dramatic versions of bad Botox jobs are everywhere. Aesthetic medicine is a hybrid of science and art. Experts need a deep and practical understanding of physiology and the skeletomuscular system. But being an injector also requires a mastery level of technique that only comes with experience.


Even though the effects of a Botox injection are temporary, it can cause permanent damage to your muscles if applied incorrectly. If you notice dropping and excessive dryness days after a procedure, you likely got a bad Botox job. Luckily, most of these effects will wear off relatively quickly. But other adverse side effects like drooling and asymmetrical facial features may take months to overcome.


This is because the key chemical in the injection, botulinum toxin type A, works by temporarily paralyzing the muscle. Interestingly, this chemical is technically a toxin but is safe in small doses. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that someone who doesn’t understand the drug cause a botulism-like poisoning that could be life-threatening to some patients. That’s another reaosn not to get your next injection just because they have great prices.


Aging & Aesthetic Expertise

If you live in Los Angeles, you already kno that between Beverly Hills and South Bay Los Angeles, there are tens of medical spas to choose from. But what distinguishes a practice than others is the experience, specialized education, science, and the level of care and support from the moment you want to make an appointment.


We suggest you always read reviews on major reviewing websites, and then reach out to a short list with the same questions to see how they respond to your inquiries. A true good test of their competency is to see how responsive they are before they take your money. A caring clinic is never too busy to provide specialized and quality care to every patient they see.


Have more questions about Botox? You can get all the facts you need to know from one of our in-house experts in less than two minutes. Watch the video here!




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