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What is Eyelid Surgery?

Premium & Safe Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles, CA


As we age, our eyelids begin losing their elasticity, causing the upper lids to droop and the lower lids to look baggy. But age isn’t the only reason for droopy eyelids – some could be caused by genetics, environmental factors, or poor habits.

People who have sagging skin on their eyelids can look tired and older than their actual age. Furthermore, excess fat from the upper eyelids can hang down and impede a person’s vision.

Eyelid surgery is considered an effective treatment for people who are suffering from such conditions.  Want to know how we can address your droopy eyelids? Call or send a text to (844) 759-6757 and get the conversation started!


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What Is Eyelid Surgery?


Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a surgical approach that is aimed at reducing the excess skin, fatty tissue, and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids.

However, removal isn’t always the primary solution in droopy eyelid surgery. Certain tissues may simply need to be repositioned so that the desired outcome can be achieved. Besides improving the contour of the eyelids, this type of treatment can tighten the skin around the eyes and give you a more rejuvenated appearance.

But eyelid surgery isn’t just a procedure with cosmetic benefits – it could also be used to help improve the way a person sees. Eliminating the excess skin that covers the eyes can resolve problems with obscured vision.


What Are the Types of Eyelid Surgery?


Have you ever asked the question “Where can I get eyelid surgery near me?”

At Skin Works Surgery Center, we are the treatment provider of choice in South Bay, California. We offer a range of eyelid surgery options that have aesthetic and functional results.

Here are the types of eyelid surgery we can do for our patients:


Upper Eyelid Surgery


An upper eyelid surgery, also called upper blepharoplasty, is a technique used to address common upper eyelid problems. People who have wrinkled, puffy, or droopy eyes can have this done so they can rejuvenate their appearance.


Each person may experience different procedures in upper eyelid surgery, such as the tightening of drooping skin or repositioning of excess eyelid fat. However, the overall goal of this treatment remains the same: improving the look and functionality of the upper eyelids.


Lower Eyelid Surgery


Lower eyelid surgery is the opposite of upper eyelid surgery as it is designed to address prevalent lower eyelid issues such as bagginess, shadows, and dark circles. Our expert plastic surgeon will start this 1 to 2-hour operation by creating a minor incision around the edge of your lower eyelid and removing any excess skin and fat.


In lower eyelid surgery, patients can expect their undesirable lower eyelid problems to be resolved. These results should last for a minimum of 8 years or more.


Double Eyelid Surgery


A double eyelid surgery, typically known as Asian eyelid surgery, is a procedure to treat patients who have monolid eyes or eyes that don’t have eyelid creases. Although there’s nothing wrong with monolid eyes from a medical standpoint, some people simply want to change their appearance and one way they can do it is through this type of treatment.


What makes double eyelid surgery ideal is that it allows people to choose between an incisional or non-incisional approach. Choosing the incisional technique may be good for those with thick skin and excess fat while the non-incisional procedure could be great for those without.


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How Long Does It Take to Recover from Eyelid Surgery?


The recovery time for eyelid surgery goes through 3 phases: bruising, swelling, and maturation.

The initial skin discoloration will last for about 2 to 3 weeks, so you should expect to have a changed appearance immediately after your operation. You can wear sunglasses during this time to hide the bruising.

Swelling is expected to take place once you reach 8 weeks after your treatment and beyond. The diminution process of the bump is slow but steady, so it’s important to be patient.

Finally, if your eyelid surgery requires incisions, scars should be expected once the first 2 phases have been resolved. These scars will reach a maximum point of improvement after a year or more and should be unnoticeable once it fully heals.


Tips to Recover Quickly After Eyelid Surgery


  • Take your time: Be prepared to take the time off from your usual daily activities – whether this involves things to do at work or school. It’s essential that you spend the proper amount of time resting and healing up so the treatment will produce its best results.


  • Apply appropriate self-care: Using ice packs for the bruising and swelling, cleaning eyelids gently, using eye drops as prescribed, and not rubbing the eyes can help with the healing process.


  • Keep your eyes protected: Wearing dark sunglasses including a hat can protect your eyes from sunlight, strong wind, and other conditions that could hamper your recovery.


  • Avoid stress and rigorous activity: Before and after surgery, you want to avoid doing exercises and other intensive activities. These actions, particularly after the operation, could cause an increase in blood flow to the eyes which could result in bleeding.

Am I a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?


The ideal candidates for eyelid surgery are people who have no existing eye problems while having good overall health.

It’s important to inform your eyelid surgery provider ahead of time if you have the following conditions:


  • 1- Eye Diseases Such as a Detached Retina, Dry Eye, or Glaucoma

  • 2- Cardiovascular Issues Such as High Blood Pressure

  • 3- Thyroid Problems Such as Graves’ Disease

  • 4- Diabetes


The main goal of eyelid surgery is to help enhance the overall appearance of your face by eliminating droopiness, bagginess, and dark circles around the eyelids. The results of successful treatment could make you look younger and have a more rejuvenated look.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone has different eye sizes and alignments and not everyone will have the exact same results. That’s why it’s important to consider your expectations carefully before you undergo eyelid surgery.

Our expert plastic surgeons at Skin Works Surgery Center will discuss with you your expectations and everything you need about the procedure. This helps ensure that you fully understand what eyelid surgery entails before and after treatment.


If you think you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery, get in touch with us today to book an initial appointment so we can assess your candidacy.

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How Should I Prepare for Eyelid Surgery?

At Skin Works Surgery Center, we want all of our patients to know what to expect in their operations and to be at ease when deciding to get blepharoplasty. That’s why before any commitments are made, your potential plastic surgeon will discuss with you the following:


  • Your medical history: It’s important to inform the doctor if you have eye problems like glaucoma or dry eyes at this point. The physician would also like to know if there are any medications or supplements you’re currently taking and if you smoke or drink alcohol regularly.

  • What your expectations are before and after the procedure: Keeping a private, yet mutually transparent interaction with our patients is why Skin Works Surgery Center remains a top facility in California. We want to know what you expect before and after the procedure and what motivates you to choose this path, and we will give you all details before you opt in for a sugery, so you can make an educated decision.


We will also perform the following procedures before the eyelid surgery:


  • 1- Physical Examination

  • 2- Visual Examination

  • 3- Photography Of Your Eyelids



Is It Worth Getting Eyelid Surgery?


The eyelids play an important part in making the face look the way it is right now. Eyelid surgery aims to improve a person’s current appearance by rejuvenating the area around their eyes. Proper blepharoplasty can also provide the following benefits:


  • 1- Provides A Natural, Youthful Appearance

  • 2- Removes Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  • 3- Eliminates Eye Puffiness & Bagginess

  • 4- Reduces Hooding Or Drooping Of The Upper Eyelid

  • 5- Enhances Range Of Vision


Skin Works Surgery Center is a premier medical facility located in Torrance, California that offers a wide range of treatments for the face, body, and overall wellness of an individual. Eyelid surgery is one of the specialties that our plastic surgeons can provide.


If you are looking for the best blepharoplasty surgeons in the South Bay area, then you’ve come to the right place. Call or send a text message to (844) 759-6757 and et the conversation started!


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Eyelid Surgery Financing & Payment Plans


Want to get it done without breaking the bank? Send us a text message at (844) 759 6757 and see what we can do to help with our 12-48 months payment plans.


Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Los Angeles, California


Otoplasty, otherwise known as ear surgery, helps people correct the appearance of protruding or large ears. For children and adults with large or protruding ears, otoplasty provides a way of living a normal life without having to deal with unwanted attention, embarrassment, or ridicule. Skin Works Medical, located in Torrance, California, can perform otoplasty procedures for both children and adults.


Contact us today to book a free consultation and take the first step towards correcting your ears.


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What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear procedure that can adjust the size, positioning, or shape of the ears. Plastic surgeons do otoplasty to treat a physical or structural abnormality or simply help pin protruding ears back. At Skin Works, our surgeons perform on the auricle, which is the visible portion of your outer ear, to create natural-looking results.


The auricle is made up of different folds of cartilage that are covered in skin. Naturally, auricle development starts in the womb and continues in the first few years of life. However, some individuals do not enjoy the current shape of their ears, and that’s when Otoplasty comes into the picture. Otoplasty is a common method of addressing developmental issues with your auricle. It’s safe, effective, and quite affordable.


Ear Development

Did you know that the ears are one of the first parts of the body to reach their full mature size? That is why some children have drastically larger ears compared to other parts of their face at such a young age. Many people’s ears reach their full size by the age of 5 or 6. If you have slightly larger or protruding ears by this point, it is no wonder they would look disproportionate or misshapen.


This can lead to a negative self-image and bleed into your adulthood if not treated. Otoplasty provides a way for you to correct this issue and have normal, proportionate ears to the rest of your face. Contact our offices to set up a consultation and learn more about this procedure!


Different Types of Otoplasty


1- Ear Augmentation

In some cases, you may have ears that are too small and haven’t completely developed. You can use otoplasty to increase the size of the outer ear in order to make them more proportionate to the rest of your head.


2- Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is the most common type of otoplasty procedure. It involves drawing protruding ears close to your head. It is normally performed on people whose ears stick out from their heads in a prominent fashion.


3- Ear Reduction

You can also use otoplasty to reduce the size of abnormally large ears, otherwise known as macrotia.


What Makes a Good Candidate for Otoplasty

Otoplasty is mainly used by those with ears that are too small, too large, protrude from the head, or have an abnormal structural issue from injury, trauma, or birth. People can also have multiple otoplasty procedures if they are not happy with the first one. At Skin Works, our expert medical staff gets the job done right the first time. We can correct any faulty work done in a previous otoplasty procedure and get you the results you want.


As far as ideal patients, otoplasty is best performed in people at least ages 5 or older. As previously mentioned, this is when the auricle has reached at least 90% of its adult size. It is also recommended that you be in overall good health, as underlying medical conditions can put you at risk of complications or affect the healing process. While this procedure can be performed on smokers, know that smoking can decrease blood flow to your ears. This will slow down the healing process.


Benefits of Otoplasty


There are multiple benefits to an otoplasty procedure. These include correction of overly large or small ears, correction of over-protruding ears, correction of previous otoplasty work that didn’t produce the desired results, correction of physical or structural abnormalities in the ear from injury or trauma (i.e. cauliflower ears), and ear lobe repair from piercings and gauges.


Most importantly, otoplasty gives patients confidence and a more positive self-image in knowing their ear issues have been corrected. For many, this procedure can be life-changing and lead to an array of benefits in life from having more confidence in their appearance.


Are There Any Side Effects with Otoplasty?


The most common side effects during the recovery period include tenderness, itchiness, redness, swelling, bruising, numbness, or tingling. The post-operation dressing should remain in place for about a week. From there, you will need to wear a special elastic headband for 4-6 weeks. Our staff will let you know when it is safe to stop wearing the headband and resume normal day-to-day activities.


How Much Does Otoplasty Cost?


At Skin Works, we never have hidden costs or unfair charges. We have special pricing options throughout the year for otoplasty and other cosmetic procedures. If you want to be in the know for any potential otoplasty specials, send ‘INSIDER’ to (844) 759-6757. We’ll take care of the rest.


How Does Otoplasty Procedure Work?



Step One: Book Your Consultation

The first step is to contact our office to book a consultation. You can select a day and time on our online calendar. When you visit us, one of our specialists will conduct an analysis of your ear and provide available options. They can also answer any questions you may have regarding cost, recovery time, and financing.


Step Two: Come in for Your Procedure

Otoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure and takes anywhere between 1-and 3 hours. You will be given local anesthesia for the procedure unless your surgeon decided otherwise. The length and complexity of the procedure depend on the type of correction your surgeon aims for. Your surgeon will go over this information with you during your consultation, so you know what to expect on the day of surgery.


Step Three: Recovery

You will have a dressing placed over your ears. Our staff will go over the proper post-treatment plan with you so you know how to take care of your ear once you return home. As a general caution, it is recommended to avoid touching or scratching your ears, avoid sleeping in a position that can lead to irritation, and avoid irritating your dressing when removing clothing. The recovery can take between 3 to 6 weeks.



Eyelid Surgery Financing & Payment Plans


Want to get it done without breaking the bank? Send us a text message at (844) 759 6757 and see what we can do to help with our 12-48 months payment plans.



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How much does Eyelid Surgery cost?

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Blepharoplasty Upper

$4500$3825 Limited Time 15% Promotion

For a more detailed quotation, please book a consultation first. We may be able to offer alternative options to get you the best possible results. The $1800 anesthesia cost is not included in this price. However, not all procedures need general anesthesia. Financing is available through Carecredit.

Blepharoplasty Upper & Lower

$7300$6205 Limited Time 15% Promotion

For a more detailed quotation, please book a consultation first. We may be able to offer alternative options to get you the best possible results. The $1800 anesthesia cost is not included in this price. However, not all procedures need general anesthesia. Financing is available through Carecredit.

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