Are VI Peel Results Permanent?

Aug. 04, 2020 9:34 am | by Dr. M. Tahsini

VI Peel in Torrance and Palos Verdes

Chemical peels, like the VI Peel, are a powerful skincare tool. Unlike laser treatments, you can dramatically improve the texture, tone, and clarity of your skin with no pain and minimal downtime.


VI Peel results begin to show after only one session, but are they permanent? Keep reading to learn how to incorporate the VI facial peel into your skincare plan.


When Do You Start to See VI Peel Results?


One of the joys of the VI Peel is how quickly you start to see results.


You start to see the VI Peel working after only one session. After your first session, you’ll begin to see:


  • Improved texture
  • Reduced age spots and hyper-pigmentation
  • Softer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced acne scars
  • Frimer, more youthful skin


There is a little bit of downtime required to protect your skin when its in a vulnerable state. Your face will likely be red or tan in the days after the peel, and if you have any hyperpigmentation or scars, then those areas may be a darker shade then usual. You’ll start peeling around day two, and the process should wind down by day six or seven.


Once you stop peeling, your skin will take four days to restore itself. It may be sensitive during this period, but you can wear make-up as long as you moisturize and apply SPF.


You’ll start to see the full VI Peel results in 12-14 days after your treatment date.


How Long Will My VI Peel Results Last?


Peels work quickly, but they aren’t a one-and-done treatment. To see the best results, you need to keep up your skincare routine (perhaps with the VI Derm Skin Care line).


With careful maintenance, you’ll only need your peel every three or four months.


If you’re using your peels to fix skin damage or heal acne, then you may start by getting peels more frequently, such as once every few weeks. Once you reach maintenance mode, you can then begin to schedule your peels three to four times each year.


A skincare consultation at Skin Works Medical Spa will help you determine whether a VI Peel is the right choice for your skin and how to build it into an anti-aging skincare routine.


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Chemical peels like the VI Peel improve cell turnover to provide you with younger, even skin with no needles and minimal downtime. You’ll see your full VI Peel results around 12-14 days after your treatment, and you only need one peel to notice a real difference in your skin.


VI Peel results aren’t permanent because, like all chemical peels, they focus on cellular regeneration, which happens naturally every eight weeks. However, once you reach maintenance mode, you can see the full benefits of these peels by scheduling three or four treatments a year.


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