Laser Resurfacing Cost; How Much To Spend?

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Laser Resurfacing Cost in Torrance

(this article was updated on 02/17/2023)


While aging is inevitable, it is possible to slow down the aging process with a diet rich in antioxidants and surgical intervention. Many may think favorable results are only possible with invasive treatments, but there is much scientific proof that asserts the effectiveness of non-invasive methods such as laser skin resurfacing. But at what cost?


To achieve excellent results, those interested are concerned about the laser resurfacing cost. If you’re wondering how much you can expect to spend to get your glow back with laser treatments, read this quick guide for easy answers.



The cost of laser skin resurfacing treatments varies. Like any other medical service, the cost structure largely depends on what you want to address (wrinkles, uneven skin, scars) and the total surface area you wish to cover. It’s like renovating your old attic! Of course, it depends on how flashy you want it to get and how big the attic is!  Most laser skin resurfacing treatments take between half an hour to two hours, and that’s another factor since you always pay for the time too.


You can expect to spend more if you need several treatments to get the best results. However, most clinics offer discounts for customers who decide on a package instead of a single treatment, and if you want to address problem areas, we recommend you sign up for a treatment plan to reduce costs. Contact your trusted provider and ask if they offer treatment plans and financing options.



On average, you will spend about $2,000 on laser resurfacing. On the upper end, you could spend as much as $3,000 for a session. Ask your provider if financing options exist for clients who want to split or slice the payment. Since it’s a cosmetic procedure, you’re likely to pay 100 percent of the cost, and your insurance probably would not cover it. Likewise, medical insurance doesn’t cover the treatment. That being said, there may be rare exceptions, like when you have malignant growths that are health-threatening.


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Laser resurfacing procedures are relatively quick and easy. However, complications can happen if treatment is done by someone who lacks the expertise or experience. Remember, all you need is a trusted provider who uses cutting-edge technology, is certified, and is willing to answer all your questions! Also, do not overpay just because someone is famous among celebrities, as they tend to charge you for the ‘brand.’



The type of equipment the esthetician uses also makes a price difference. For example, a popular type of resurfacing treatment is the fractional CO2 laser. As a result, you may spend around $1,500 to $2,500 to get it done.



The clinic must follow “hygiene sense” to prevent infection and ensure safety. Eye protection from the laser is necessary, and you should always ask for it! There is a chance you will receive medication after the procedure. Of course, all mentioned must be accessible in a reputable medical clinic.



It’s unusual to experience intense, burning pain, but even mild pain can cause discomfort. Most often, prescription medical-grade numbing creams are provided to ease the recovery discomfort until healing is complete. That’s another fee that your provider may include or exclude in skin resurfacing costs.



Other factors influencing the total cost are anesthesia fees, surgical facility fees, and needed prescriptions. During the treatment, you are numbed to avoid feeling pain caused by the heat. Although you will not feel pain, you may notice a “snapping” sensation as the laser works on the skin.



To wrap this up, we go back to the main question. What decides the laser resurfacing cost? Indeed you have a better understanding of the cost structure now.

Wherever you are getting your treatment, make sure to ask about all costs involved. No one likes hidden fees. If you are looking for financing options, ask your provider if they offer any. And remember, you should not ignore the power of a good consultation. A good consultation can save you big bucks. If you can address your problem areas with $1000, why would you want to try a $5000 resurfacing method you do not need? Click HERE to see your options and to book a complimentary consultation.



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