What Is Laser Resurfacing? Your Complete Guide

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Did you know that skin resurfacing can be up to 90% more precise than dermabrasion or chemical peels?  Yes, 90%. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about laser resurfacing though, because we’re here to help.


Keep reading, and we’ll answer the questions “what is laser resurfacing” and tell you why you should look into it.


What Is Laser Resurfacing?


Have you dealt with acne scars and other facial blemishes you’re ready to get rid of? If so, have you heard of laser resurfacing or are you thinking, “what is laser skin resurfacing treatment?”


Laser resurfacing is a procedure many patients use to take care of their skin blemishes and scarring. The word laser stands for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” That’s the technology that our machine is equipped with to emit a beam of a single wavelength, or color, of light to your skin.


Sometimes the beauty industry lumps a lot of procedures into this term, but actually, a true laser procedure has key features. According to Allure and Robert Anolik lasers are characterized by “their wavelength, which is absorbed by select targets in the skin, and their pulse width, or the rate at which that beam of light is delivered.” Nonetheless, lasers can help with several skin blemishes, including:


  • 1- Anti-redness

  • 2- Pigmentation

  • 3- Nonablative Resurfacing

  • 4- Ablative Resurfacing


Now you’re probably thinking, “this all sounds great, but what will it do for me?” Well, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and results you can expect.


What Are The Benefits of Laser Resurfacing?


Laser treatments are great for many reasons, but they mainly treat skin concerns like scars, spots, and blemishes that prevent your skin to glow. Never again will you have to worry about self-esteem downers like:


  • 1- Redness of rosacea

  • 2- Sun damage

  • 3- Spider veins

  • 4- Fresh stretch marks


The best part is most people are candidates for laser resurfacing; of course, results vary per person. However, if you have open wounds, currently use retinoids, suffer from current acne breakouts, or have current facial injections, you won’t be a candidate at that time.


It could take up to five sessions to see results, but the results are worth the wait. Right away, you’ll see your skin starting to glow. The main benefit of laser resurfacing is the total rejuvenation of your skin or problem area.


What Are The Risks of laser resurfacing?


With every medical procedure comes some risks. Everyone wants to be prepared and know what they’re in for. Some of the things you could notice, although rare, include:


  • 1- Unwanted darkening or lightening

  • 2- Burns

  • 3- Scarring 


These typically only occur when laser devices are misused. You should only be trusting board-certified dermatologists and/or plastic surgeons for your laser procedures.


Is It Really For Me?

Now it’s time to consider if it’s something you want to move forward with. Laser resurfacing can cost anywhere between $500 to $2,500 depending on the area and the number of sessions you’ll need. While worth the investment, it’s essential to consider all factors. If you want the best out of your treatment, reach out to your certified and trusted medical spa and opt-in for a consultation.


Treatment Plans & Payment Plans

If you look for treatment plans that can get you solid results without breaking the bank, click here to see our Treatment Plans.




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