Hair Restoration Guide For Men

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You might have taken pride in your luscious, thick hair at some point. Yet, as time has gone by, your hair might have thinned out, perhaps in some areas more than others. If you are a local to the Los Angeles South Bay Area, read on to find out if are you a candidate for hair restoration in Torrance, CA.

Usually, hair loss is a common issue that comes with aging.


There are other causes of hair loss, such as chemotherapy or any kind of head injury or scarring due to an accident. No matter what may have caused your hair to fall out, there is a solution. That is what we’ll speak about today-the best kind of treatment for hair restoration in Torrance.


Hair Transplants: How Do They Work?

Hair transplants have proved to be the most effective form of treatment than any other kind of medication. This procedure consists of your surgeon extracting hair from places where the hair is more abundant.


Then, he or she will insert the extracted hair follicle into the spot where there’s less or no hair at all. Before beginning the procedure, your surgeon will apply a local anesthetic or sedate you so you won’t feel any discomfort.


What Kinds of Hair Transplants?

There are two types of techniques when it comes to hair transplants. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). What’s the difference between the two?


With the FUT hair restoration method, the surgeon extracts a strip from your scalp and then divides that strip into smaller units across the areas where needed. He then removes the hair follicles from the extracted strip and inserts it in the areas where there is less hair.


Then you have FUE, which involves taking individual hair follicles and inserting them one by one into the parts of your scalp with less hair.


Does it Take Long to Recover after a hair restoration procedure?

Recovery after a hair transplant isn’t as bad. The manipulated area might be sore for a few days due to inflammation. Your board-certified surgeon will prescribe any needed painkillers to ease the discomfort.


Patients walk out and go home right after the transplant. You might have to follow some strict rules to avoid causing any damage to your hair, such as waiting days before washing your hair. Even so, the rules your surgeon will provide are easy to follow and are only temporary.


If you’re worried about any possible side effects of hair restoration and how prone you might be to them, speak with your doctor. He or she will give you all the information you need and make the right recommendation for you.


Hair Restoration Costs

Hair transplants are not usually cheap. It all depends on how much hair you’ll be transplanting and in which areas. You can expect to spend a good few thousand dollars, especially if you want to get treated by the best hair restoration team in the area.
This is why at SkinWorks Medical Spa, we offer the best hair restoration treatments in South Bay, Los Angeles, at the right cost.



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