Why is My Hair Still Growing After Laser Hair Removal?

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Underarm laser hair removal

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Anyone who has tried to get rid of unwelcome body hair knows the deal with different hair removal options. For example, shaving gives short-lasting results. You could see hair growth in a day or two after shaving. Other options include depilatory creams and waxing. With the former, you can expect to be hairless for 2 to 6 days, while waxing results can last up to 6 weeks. And then there’s laser hair removal, which some clinics may market as a ‘permanent’ solution to unwanted hair.


Here’s the thing, though, some people still see their hair growing after laser hair removal. You may wonder why this is happening if you’re one of them. First, let’s find out why laser removal results vary from one person to another person.




If you’re seeing hair growth after laser hair removal, it doesn’t always mean the procedure is ineffective. However, you must remember that despite how it’s marketed everywhere, laser hair removal may not altogether remove unwanted hair.


What it’s good at is reducing the number of unwanted hair in a given area. The treatment delivers that by heating up and damaging hair follicles. Remember that damaged hair follicles cannot produce hair, but some eventually heal and will regrow.


One session isn’t enough to make the most of laser hair removal technology. For many people, that usually means a minimum of four sessions.



Now that you understand why you’re seeing hair growing after laser hair removal, you may also want to know how many follow-up treatments you need to undergo to become hair-free!


Once again, the answer varies from one person to another. If you have thicker body hair or are experiencing hormonal changes, you may need more sessions before seeing significant hair reduction. It’s also vital that you complete your treatment cycles.


A common mistake people make is not attending follow-up and maintenance sessions when they see hair growth is slowing down. Don’t forget that your provider recommended several treatments because they know your hair or skin type.


And speaking of doctors, it’s best to get a board-certified dermatologist to perform the procedure. You don’t want to end up with scars, burns, or skin color changes because you got laser hair removal from someone without in-depth knowledge of the integumentary system or work with a machine that is not FDA-approved.



Understanding what to expect is an excellent way to manage your treatment expectations. Try to distance yourself from buzzwords and advertisements; instead, talk to your provider and ask your questions. Above all, ensure your treatment is in a certified clinic with professional and licensed healthcare professionals.

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