What Is a Port-Wine Stain?

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port-wine stain removal

If you’re among the 3 out of every 1000 people born with a port-wine stain, you likely have considered ways to eliminate it before. While these unusual birthmarks are harmless, many people consider procedures to remove them.


In this short article, we’re going to discuss what exactly a port-wine stain is and take a look at some of the ways that they can be removed from the skin. Read on to learn how you can boost your confidence in your appearance.


What’s a Port-Wine Stain?


As you likely already know, a port-wine stain birthmark is something that you’re born with. In fact, such marks are essentially just red or purple splotches that appear on the face, head, arms, or legs. The face and head are both the most common and most confidence-killing locations for these birthmarks.


Port-wine stains are harmless and painless. In fact, they appear when chemical signals to the small blood vessels in an area don’t stop them from growing. Consequently, as they get bigger, the excess blood turns the skin red.  Even though the reasons are not quite certain, most studies suggest that port-wine stains happen due to a DNA mutation.


Unlike other common birthmark types, port wine stains grow with the person that has them. They also tend to get darker with age, going from light red to dark red or royal purple. The skin also may thicken around the port-wine stain and create a bump.



How to Get Rid of Port Wine Birthmarks


Luckily, a port-wine stain on the skin is easy to eliminate with modern skin repair procedures. Laser skin resurfacing treatments can change the pigmentation of your skin regardless of your natural skin tone. These treatments are non-invasive, safe, and painless.


Pico Laser skin treatment is the most common method of eliminating port-wine stains. It’s non-thermal, so you don’t need to worry about experts applying extra heat to your skin that you don’t need. All lasers are tailor-made to be customized for the exact treatment that you want with zero damage.


This process happens over the course of around 3-5 treatments each 4-6 weeks apart. Assuming that you maintain it every six months, your port wine stain should be gone for good. Moreover, laser treatments can cure other blemishes at the same time as your port-wine stain. If you have any other discoloration, freckles, or cherry angiomas, you may want to ask about taking care of those at the same time as your port wine stain. You also can discuss removing port-wine stains from other areas of the body besides the face.


The procedure is simple, versatile, and easy.




Port-wine stains are nothing to worry about. However, if you want to, you can get rid of them with the right laser treatments. If you plan to have them removed, make sure you find a reliable medical clinic and not just a beauty spa.



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